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Ahh, Jailbreak Software, they just don’t seem to stop coming out with new ones. All of which may or may not work, it can get a bit confusing and time-consuming searching for the right tool.

Note: This is a Review, click here if you want to visit the website.

Next up on the dissection table is my Automatic Iphone Unlockers review. This is a fairly new tool and it has made a big splash in the jailbreak software community. Please note that this program should not to be confused with it’s closely-named competitor, Automatic Iphone Unlocker, which I will be reviewing at a later date.

The Purchase

Like every review, this one begins with the purchase. It was basically straightforward, and they accept every form of payment available. After payment, I was taken to the downloads area where I downloaded the jailbreak software. This members area also contains easy to follow instructions, and access to support.

I’ve been using this as a jailbreaking and unlocking software for a few weeks now. After using the software on a variety of devices, I have come to a firm conclusion.

Automatic IPhone Unlockers, Review Review by

The Features

The difference between Automatic Iphone Unlockers (AIU’s) and it’s clone, Automatic Iphone Unlocker, is huge.

The support of AIU’s is 24/7

This beats the dinky little “contact form” on its competitors website. With all the jailbreaking and unlocking methods currently available, you need the best support as possible so you can always be up to date, and have someone to hold your hand if you’re having problems.

Ability to Unlock and Jailbreak Verizon iPhone 4!

Now, this is an impressive feature. Verizon’s iPhone uses a slightly different Apple iOS firmware, and the majority if jailbreakers are AT&T users, so information and methods are not as widely available.

This tool will allow you to easily unleash your device on Verizon, up to the latest firmware.

Jailbreak an UNLIMITED number of Iphones, iPads, or iPod Touch Devices

So you just finished unlocking your phone and are showing it off to your friends, and they are all impressed. Will they each have to pay for themselves to have a cool iDevice like you? NOPE! You can service their phones, and their friends phones, and their friends mom’s phones, etc. Heck, You can even charge them if you’d like!

EASY, 5 minute Jailbreak or Unlock

I personally tried this device on a handful of phones, ranging from brand new iPhone 4′s, to iPhone 3G’s, and even to jailbreak the iPad 2. Each time I have been able to do it in 5 minutes or less. This software is dead simple to use.

Click Here To Go To the Automatic Iphone Unlockers Official Website

Those are just some of the main features that make this software stand out. This is the perfect program to use if you want both jailbreaking and unlocking abilities.

The Support

To be able to do it on an unlimited amount of devices, having to pay only a one-time lifetime membership, free lifetime updates, and 24/7 support make this a solid tool.

The software has been updated twice since I bought it, and they have been pretty quick to catch up with Apple’s firmware launch cycles. I only had to wait about a week after a new iOS firmware was released for me to be able to use the software again.

Support is excellent in this area, they always respond quickly to my inquiries (5-6 of them) and kept me informed by e-mail about updates, changes, etc.

I think for any iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch user looking for software assistance should look no further than  AIU’s, this is especially if they are on Verizon iPhones (actually, right now, this is the only choice that works if you are on Verizon).


  • Works on Verizon iPhone 4
  • Simple, 5 minute process
  • 24/7 Support (this is so very important for newbies)


  • My only complaint about the software, is that although it works, it is ugly. I feel like it’s 1990 all over again using this program. But as long as you follow the easy instructions, it’ll do the trick.


Last Word/Conclusion

When you look past the ugly interface, this jailbreak software offers simple, full-featured, and fully supported jailbreaking of virtually any i-device. I think for Verizon users, Automatic Iphone Unlockers is the one to get because other companies have yet to catch up, and my personal tool of choice for Verizon iPhone jailbreaking.


ps: As a bonus to the jailbreak software, they also include a free iPhone Video Converter and Ringtone Maker. I haven’t really used them extensively, but I did do a test run of each software to make sure they work and weren’t gimmicky stocking stuffers.

Thanks for reading!


Click Here To Go To the Automatic Iphone Unlockers Official Website


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